Dapper Lab

Mississippi State University

The Dapper Lab uses evolutionary genetic approaches to understand the origin and maintenance of genetic variation.  Our research employs both theoretical and empirical approaches, ideally in concert with one another.


Dr. Amy Dapper, Assistant Professor

007 Harned Hall




Laxmi Kharel, Ph.D. Student

I am from Nepal. I completed my MS in Agriculture at the Research Institute of Molecular Genetics, Kochi University. Japan in 2018. During MS study, I analyzed the functions of Type III effectors in Ralstonia solanacearum using Yeast Two Hybrid Assay, Bimolecular Florescence Complementation Assay, Deletion mutants, and Virulence test. I started my Ph.D. at Mississippi State in January, 2019. I am studying the evolution of recombination rate. I am employing Caenorhabditis elegans to study intra-chromosomal variation in recombination rates.


Brian Mulama, DIS Student


Interested in joining the Dapper Lab?

I am currently recruiting graduate students (Masters or PhD).  Please contact me at dapper(at)biology.msstate.edu and include a brief description of your research interests and a CV.


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